Dinner @ Brown’s Brewing Company

Just came from a delicious meal at Brown’s Brewing Company. Really – they never disappoint. It’s Chris’ and my favorite hangout, lucky for us it’s one of those places that makes great food AND beer – if you’re ever around Troy, NY you should definitely check them out.

I had a Hefe-Weizen and Chris had his usual, IPA (or 2).  It was waffle week and we tried out a “Benedict Arnold” eggs benedict waffle. What a great idea! Next time I make waffles I’m definitely going to try a spin on this. Here are some pics from our yummy meal (sorry, I took a few bites before realizing I needed to take a picture!).

Note – you will thank yourself if you order the onion rings with a side of their Chicken Spiedies sauce (horseradish blue cheese sauce) – SO yummy! The onion rings are super crispy and unlike many I’ve tried, the onion does not pull out of the breading when you try to eat it.  Score!  Hell, order the Chicken Spiedies while you’re at it, too.  The chicken is so flavorful and it comes with your choice of cheese, peppers and onions, or both. Sauce and pitas come standard. 🙂  I’ve tried to master this recipe at home but just cannot come close.


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